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Welcome to the website of a new harmonica design/tech dream-team, devoted exclusively to pushing the envelope of what's possible on harmonicas! Everything here is created with that goal in mind, expressed in two different manifestations:

  1. Innovative accessories that improve the capabilities of standard diatonic and chromatic harps beyond their current limits.
  2. Entirely new harmonicas that allow players to do stuff that is simply impossible on existing models.

The X-Reed partnership is comprised of UK-based New Zealander Brendan Power (invention/design/Rn'D) & Portugal-based Brazilian André Coelho (testing/hand-customising/assembly). Both have an extensive track record and are well-known and widely respected in the worldwide harmonica scene: Brendan for continuously coming up with inventive harp ideas designed with CAD & made with CNC machines, and André for his expert hands-on reed work, resulting in beautifully finished high-performance custom harps that players love.

After getting to know each other online, the two harp-tech specialists first met up in person in late 2021 - and quickly found they had a strong rapport. Since then they've collaborated informally on producing several limited-edition runs of innovative diatonic harps designed by Brendan: the Modular-Reed Harmonica, the SlipSlider Mk3, and the Overblow-Booster Mk2. He and André greatly enjoyed the experience of working closely together, and realised their different strengths resulted in that ideal combination where “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.

Therefore they've decided to get together officially as a new partnership, under the ‘X-Reed Harmonicas' banner. This site was originally created by Brendan and Hungarian engineer/inventor Zombor Kovács, who teamed up in 2012 for a couple of years. Their partnership produced a range of innovative models featuring harmonicas with extra reeds (x-reeds) for extended note bending (click the HISTORY link for info, photos and videos of the harps we produced in this period). After Zombor returned to work doing engineering work for large companies in Budapest, Brendan continued on his own - selling inventive harps/parts on his personal website -

Now, with Zombor's blessing, André and Brendan are combining their considerable skills to re-launch X-Reed Harmonicas! The brand will have a wider focus than before, but no less ambitious: namely, pushing the boundaries of performance on both standard diatonic and chromatic harmonicas, plus creating entirely new models with enhanced capabilities. This exciting new partnership is kicking off with two initial X-Reed Harmonicas products that epitomise the pair's philosophy:

    A small, universal accessory part that can quickly be added to ANY diatonic harp to enable the player to achieve easy, stable overblows on hole #1 (a problem area on both stock and custom harps).

    A highly innovative harp that allows diatonic players to bend all the notes currently missing on 10-hole diatonics, with one push of a button! Initially for standard Richter and related tunings, future versions will apply to alternate tunings as well.