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Custom SUB30
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Welcome to the first website devoted exclusively to harmonicas with extra reeds for extended note bending. These extra reeds have been called auxiliary reeds, enabler reeds, sympathetic reeds... But we simply call them X-Reeds.

"We" are Brendan Power and Zombor Kovacs. You can read about us, our history, skills and past crazy harmonica projects on the About Page.

We launched in December 2012 with the biggest range of options and accessories for a whole new kind of harmonica: The Suzuki SUB30 UltraBend. The world's first commercially-made triple-reed harp, it's a good basic design but out-of-the-box performance is disappointing. Our customised versions fix all the problems and turn the SUB30 into a harp players really love (see the Feedback page).

Six months later we launched our first own-design harp, the 12 hole ChromaBender, the world's first all-bending x-reed harp in Solo Tuning, for chromatic players who want to get bluesy with their familiar harmonica feel and scale layout.

In early December 2013 our second original harp arrived, the 10 hole ExtraBend with the revolutionary X-Reed Z1 Comb - the first 30 reed harp to extend our unique OverValve concept to all 10 holes.

The same month we launched our most radical and exciting harp yet, the X-Reed MB30. Made from two iconic traditional Marine Band harps ingeniously joined together to add 10 extra reeds, it is undoubtedly the most soulful & responsive 30 reed harp ever made.

LATEST NEWS: August 2016 sees the first new X-Reed harmonica in a while: the AsiaBend. Brendan's personal project, it's a radical new approach to the x-reed concept, featuring all-draw bending, no valves, and allows overblows! It takes reed bending expression to a new high.

We have more world-beating, barrier-busting harps in the pipeline, so watch this space!


Thanks for visiting this site, and your interest in X-Reed Harmonicas! We're a small business, and things have changed since my buddy Zombor Kovacs came over from Hungary to work with me to create our first X-Reed harmonica models in 2012-14. It was an intense and productive phase that resulted in a lot of creativity and some exciting new harmonica models, never seen before.

Life moves on, and both of us have got very busy with other stuff in the past 18 months. Zombor moved back to Budapest and took up a full-time job with an engineering company, while I got involved with other areas of harmonica innovation (if interested, check out the new models on my personal website Due to these life changes and time constraints we had to reduce our focus on As a result, we have now stopped production of the 10 hole models (though the ChromaBender is still available).

Zombor and I are still firmly committed to the belief that various x-reed types are a big part of the future of the harmonica and are continuing our research into more efficient ways of making x-reed harps, individually and together. That will definitely result in new models when the time is right. In the meantime, please enjoy the sounds and photos on the website of the innovative X-Reed harmonicas we created in our initial phase of development.

Brendan Power