We use recycled packaging

Postage Options (in shopping cart)

X-Reed products are sent from Portugal by André. The options are:

  1. International Standard (no tracking)
  2. International Tracked *
  3. Express Courier (FedEx) *
* Includes GUARANTEED delivery
Please note: We can only replace items that go missing in the post if they were sent using one of the guaranteed options above

Other information

  • X-reed.com is a sister site of brendan-power.com. As a result you may see some references to 'Brendan Power' in the order process - but it's nothing to be concerned about, and won't affect your order.
  • We are not responsible for any additional charges (e.g. Import Duty) incurred in your country.
  • Most items are posted out within three working days. Custom items may take longer and we will be in touch to discuss dispatch times.
  • Prices are listed in British Pounds Sterling. PayPal will do the conversion automatically from your currency.
  • The "Thank you" email is confirmation we've received your order. You will usually receive another email when your order has been dispatched.
  • We reuse packaging where possible. This includes envelopes, boxes and internal padding, which all may show signs of wear when they arrive.

Guarantees & Repairs, Returns & Refunds

Product faults

If for any reason you find fault with an item after receiving it, you must inform us in the first week of ownership.
Email us if it is concerning a harmonica, and please attach an MP3 sound clip and/or photo of the issue you're experiencing.

If the problem can't be fixed by email or phone, the harmonica or other item must be returned by you in as-new condition no later than 3 weeks after it was received. Once we receive it we will examine the reported issue. If there is indeed a problem, we will then repair or replace and re-ship at my expense, covering your return postal cost in addition. If there is no problem with the item, we will either re-post at your expense (with postal payment up-front), or offer you a refund minus 10% of the original price. This is because used harmonicas will require ultrasonic cleaning to return them to a hygenic condition.

Assuming either way that we post the harmonica or other item back, if you decide then not to keep it, it must be posted back by you in as-new condition no later than 1 week after it was received the second time. In that circumstance, once we get it back again you will be due a refund minus 30% of the total cost of your order.

How you play is important for the long life of your harmonica! Some players blow out reeds very quickly due to bad technique. You should be careful not to blow and draw too hard, or bend any notes so low that the pitch is flat. Some reeds should not be bent but in the case of those that can, just bend to the note you want, to stay in tune and not over stress the reeds. Let the harp dry out after playing and keep in its case.

All other returns received back within three weeks of initial delivery to the customer will be processed but postage will be paid for by the customer.

Order is delayed or doesn't arrive

The vast majority of orders we send out arrive at their destination without issue. Occasionally some orders get delayed at customs. In these instances we ask that you please be patient and wait one month before contacting us.

Very occasionally a delivery does not make it to its destination. In these instances, after one month, we will offer a full refund or replacement item(s) for guaranteed delivery orders only (see Postage Options above). We do not offer any refund or replacement item(s) for orders sent without guaranteed delivery.

Placing an order means that you understand and accept these conditions.