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Welcome to the first website devoted exclusively to harmonicas with extra reeds for extended note bending. These extra reeds have been called auxiliary reeds, enabler reeds, sympathetic reeds... But we simply call them X-Reeds.

Mission Statement

For most of their history all diatonic single-reed harmonicas had only two reeds per cell: a blow and a draw. X-Reed harps add extra lower-pitched reeds in the chamber that are passive under normal playing, but activate when the bend embouchure is initiated to give more soulful bending possibilities to the harmonica.

X-Reed harmonicas have emerged onto the market only recently, and come in two types: triple-reed (one x-reed plus two active reeds per cell) and quad-reed (two x-reeds plus two active reeds). Because they are so new, their development and applications are still in the early stages. But I believe they have massive potential, and this website is all about offering specialist X-Reed harps to help early adopters of these exciting, super-expressive types realise new musical possibilities.

Here you can read the interesting History of X-Reed Harmonicas since 2012, and check out all the ground-breaking harps released since then. Or go straight to our current product list.

Have fun!